Excursion “In search of Northern Lights”

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Tour duration: 1 day
Price: 7500 ₽
from September till the beginning of April

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Duration of the hunt for the Northern Lights: 4-8 hours

This is 1 departure on one of the evenings, but it is desirable to stay with us for 3-4 days (minimum 3 full evenings) so that we can choose the best day for departure.

Check out time is 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Departure time depends on weather conditions and indicators of solar activity. Decision on departure and departure time is taken day to day.

Tour cost:

1 person – 19 000 rubles.

2 people – 9 500 rub. from each

3 people – 8 000 rub. from each

4 -9 people – 7 500 rub. from each

The price also includes:

– professional photos on the background of the Northern Lights

(Photos after the tour are sent to the manager who sent the application. The manager will need to send the photos to the tourist / s)

It is important to consider:

– The Northern Lights appear above the clouds, so it is necessary to take into account the weather forecast, cloudiness and movement of air masses.

– It is advisable to stay with us for 3-4 days (minimum of 3 full evenings) so that we can choose the best day for departure.


Before traveling to the shine, we carefully monitor the forecast and the possibility of its occurrence, and if we doubt that it will be, we just do not go on a tour.

If we think that shining is possible, we leave and try to catch it, but if for some reason we do not see it, you pay us 1000 rubles less per person.

In any case, you will receive an interesting active program with our guide, he will take some good winter photos with you and nature.

But, as a rule, we see the northern lights.

Since this is a natural phenomenon, we do not give our guests a 100% guarantee on its appearance, but we will do our best to see it.

If we do not see the lights on one of the days, we may go on another day, but you pay us as a separate trip.


 Сопровождение: гид забирает вас из гостиницы и после экскурсии доставляет обратно

Транспорт: легковой автомобиль до 3-х человек; микроавтобус для 4-х и более человек

Начало экскурсии: около 18 часов; возможно раньше или позже, в зависимости от прогноза погоды и прогноза появления сияния

Длительность экскурсии: 4-8 часов

Включено: горячие чай, кофе, закуски во время экскурсии

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