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Excursion “In search of Northern Lights”

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1 day
7500 ₽
from September till the beginning of April

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The Northern lights are a unique feature of the Kola Peninsula. The season of lights starts from the end of August and lasts until the beginning of April. Few people know that the Northern lights can be observed from the end of August, that it does not depend on snow, frost and the arrival of winter. Autumn radiance is as beautiful and enchanting as winter, and it depends on solar activity in the dark.
Since ancient times, the Northern lights attracted people with their mystical mysterious light, it formed legends and legends. In the East, there is a belief that everyone who has ever seen this natural phenomenon, will live happily ever after until the end of his days.

We invite you to make a fascinating hunt for the Northern lights, and in the afternoon to walk through the autumn Murmansk, visit the ancient fishing village Teriberka, which became a place of worship for tourists after the release of the film “Leviathan” and the ethnic settlement of the Sami — the indigenous inhabitants of the North!

We will give you a feeling of real freedom, majestic views of the Arctic ocean, autumn landscapes of harsh Northern nature and the pleasure of rest and travel.

Join us!

The price also includes:

  • professional photos on the background of the Northern Lights (Photos after the tour are sent to the Manager who sent the application. The Manager will need to send the photos to the tourist/s)


The duration of the Hunt for the Northern Lights: 4-8 hours

It is 1 departure in one of evenings, but at us it is desirable to stay 3-4 days (at least 3 full evenings) that we could choose the best day for departure.

Start time: 17: 00-19:00

The time of departure depends on weather conditions and indicators of Solar activity. The decision on departure and the time of departure is made day in day out.

Guide: the guide picks you up from the hotel and delivers you back after the tour

Transport: passenger car for up to 3 people; minibus for 4 or more people

Start of the tour: about 18 hours; possibly sooner or later, depending on the weather forecast and the forecast of the appearance of the lights

Tour duration: 4-8 hours

Included: hot tea, coffee, snacks during the tour

Additional conditions

  1. The Northern Lights appear above the clouds, so it is necessary to take into account the weather forecast, clouds and the movement of air masses.
  2. It is desirable to stay with us for 3 – 4 days (at least 3 full evenings), so that we can choose the best day for departure.
  3. Before going to the Aurora, we carefully monitor the forecast and the possibility of its appearance and if we doubt that it will be, we just do not go on a tour.
  4. If we think that the glow is possible, we go out and try to catch it, but if for some reason we do not see it, You pay us 1000 rubles less per person.
  5. In any case, you will get an interesting active program with our guide, he will make some good winter photos with you and nature. But, as a rule, we see the Northern lights.
  6. Since it is a natural phenomenon, we do not give our guests a 100% guarantee of its occurrence, but we will do our best to see it.
  7. If we don’t see the lights one day, we can go the other day, but you pay us as a separate trip.


*Price in rubles per person

 Number of people excursion with guide 
1 person 18000
2 people 9000
3 people    8000
4-9 people       7000

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