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Drift on a lake in Murmansk

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2 days
100000 ₽
from December to March on request

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This entertainment is suitable for fans of controlled drifting and those who want to learn this technique of driving with an experienced instructor on a track specially prepared by BMW employees. The lineup, of course, is also represented by models of this world-famous brand. All cars are specially prepared, and the instructors have a huge experience behind them and many inspections by supervisory authorities, so there is no need to worry about quality and safety. The site is located 50-60 kilometers from Murmansk and works in winter, when the ice on the lake reaches the required thickness. Having learned the technique of controlled skidding in the northern Murmansk wilderness, where only a couple of wolves accidentally running nearby can become your spectators, you can return to your metropolis to delight your neighbors in the yard with the frisky squeal of tires under their windows at night, disrupting a flurry of thanks and applause! The training program is designed for a period of 1 to 4 days, depending on your wishes.


 20,000 rubles – 200,000 rubles. The cost depends on the options for the services provided, the car model, the duration of the program.


Driving Tutorial

Single accommodation in a comfortable hotel at a tourist center (if you have chosen a multi-day option)

HOW TO DRESS: comfortable non-slip warm footwear for hiking (for women – without heels) warm jacket or down jacket warm gloves and comfortable gloves warm pants

Approximate program

The frozen lake is an ideal base for ice training. The specially prepared track meets all safety requirements and allows for BMW Driving sports and emergency courses, including at high speeds. You can stay at the nearest tourist centers, or in Murmansk. There are two-day, four-day programs, and educational and entertainment programs as agreed. The main models are BMW 330i or BMW M5 Competition.

During the training you will find:

An incredibly emotional drive and challenge! On the ideally flat ice surface of the Kanent’yavr lake, during the training, you will perfectly master the technique of high-speed driving in sliding.
Practicing the skills of braking and driving in a skid. Where else, except on the ice of a lake, where there are no restrictions, you can safely learn to do what saves on the roads from accidents.
A sea of ​​emotions and adrenaline from speed, surrounding forests and new skills. Verified by participants of arrival in 2020!
Our warmth and cordiality. Warm tents are ready on the lake, where you will find not only a class and a recreation area, because between arrivals it is sometimes worth taking a breath and exchanging emotions, but also delicious breakfasts and lunches.
Murmansk crabs, ocean scallops and other delicacies from the Barents Sea.

In addition to the main training program, in your free time you can enjoy snowmobiling, fishing, watching the northern lights, take a steam bath or go on excursions to Teriberka, Murmansk, to the Sami.

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