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Cruises from St Petersburg


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Cruise to Valaam

In St. Petersburg, tourists Board the ship, go on it at night, and in the morning arrive at the famous island. This is the most popular and demanded route. Annually tours by boat to Valaam acquire thousands of tourists. Also for residents of the capital is the ship Moscow Valaam, but here on the road will have to spend much more time than tourists will be on the island.

Cruise to Kizhi

the monastery on Valaam is not the only attraction of Karelia, which can be reached by water. Also to the North is the island of Kizhi, generally the route of the river cruise to Kizhi and includes a visit to Balaam. First of all, tourists should decide on the availability of free time. Valaam Kizhi cruise takes from 5 to 7 days.

Cruises to Solovki

The white sea is home to the Solovki archipelago, which is also a popular cruise destination. Sea cruises Kizhi Valaam Solovki from St. Petersburg take about 7-14 days. From Moscow it is not always possible to visit all three famous Islands, as some ships do not have the ability (technical characteristics) to go to the White sea. It turns out that a visit to the Solovki in this case is not always possible.

Going on a cruise, tourists visit not only the famous Islands, but go down the rivers, lakes and canals through the entire North-Western part of Russia, making stops in the most interesting places from a tourist point of view. That is, travelers will see all the beauty of these regions, which are located on the route. The tour is very intense. In order to find a suitable boat, use our search engine on the website.

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