Classic tour to Solovki

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Tour duration: 4 days
Price: 21000 ₽
June: 15-18, 22-25;
July: 29.06-2.07, 8-9, 13-16, 20-23, 27-30;
August: 3-6, 10-13, 17-20;
pre-order until September.

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transportation service 
meals (4 breakfasts, 1 lunch)
round-trip boat tickets
excursion service according to the program
tickets to the ship along the route Rabocheostrovsk – Solovki – Rabocheostrovsk
accompaniment by group guide


Tour “Classic” is the best option for a trip to Solovki. We combined it reasonable price and reasonable service. You do not overpay for extra services, for example, for a transfer around the island, but you will have to walk a little. You do not overpay for three meals a day, but if necessary, you will be able to buy products in local stores. You will have a standard cozy room without frills, but it will cost less than a Suite. This is the best rate, which is chosen by 75% of our customers. It is simple, inexpensive and convenient. There is nothing superfluous in it. The excursion program does not differ from other rates, so you can look at the Solovki during your trip all you need to see.

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Day 1

00:43 – Arrival in Kem trains (016А) “Arktika” Moscow – Murmansk;
04:19 – Arrival in Kem trains (374Я) Vologda – Murmansk;
04:19 – Arrival in Kem trains (371Ч) Arkhangelsk – Murmansk;
05:28 – Arrival in Kem trains (241А) Murmansk – Moscow;
06:15 – Arrival in Kem trains (015А) “Arctic” Murmansk – Moscow;
10:55 – Arrival in Kem trains (022Ч) Saint-Petersburg – Murmansk.
Tourist transportation to the port of Rabocheostrovsk (group transfers 01:00, 06:30, 11:00). At the request of tourists can be booked rooms for the night (for an additional fee of 800 rubles). Breakfast for all tourists is organized in the cafe of the tourist complex “Berth”.
07: 30-Boarding the ship. For tourists arriving by train (022H) St. Petersburg-Murmansk, landing on the ship is carried out at 12:00.
08: 00 – Crossing the White sea to the Solovetsky Islands (2-2.5 hours). During the trip, you can see seals or Beluga whales from the boat. For tourists arriving by train (022H) St. Petersburg-Murmansk, the ship from the port to Solovki departs at 12:30.
10: 30-Arrival to the Big Solovetsky island. Meeting. Transfer to hotel. For tourists arriving by train (022H) St. Petersburg-Murmansk, meeting and settling on Solovki begins at 14:30 – 15:00.
Lunch in the village cafe (lunch time depends on the time of arrival of the boat). Walking tour of the Solovetsky monastery (2.5 hours). During the tour you will be told about the history of the Solovetsky monastery from its Foundation (1436) to the present day. The tour takes place in the Central complex of the Solovetsky monastery, inside the fortress walls. Guests of the island also get acquainted with the history of the Solovetsky special purpose camp, the Northern fleet Training unit and the Jung School. This is a very informative walking tour, which is held in any weather and political environment. For 3 hours you can learn almost everything about the Solovki, visit the existing temples, exhibitions, exhibition cell and other premises. The tour is pedestrian and takes place exclusively within the fortress of the Solovetsky monastery. Note: a sightseeing tour of the monastery for tourists arriving by different boats is held at 11:00 and 16:00, respectively.
19: 00 – meeting with the accompanying person for information about excursions for an additional fee, self-visit routes, the location of shops and cafes, as well as other useful information.

Day 2

08: 00-Breakfast in the village cafe.
09: 00 – complex bus tour “Sekirnaya Gora-Botanical garden” (4-5 hours.). Holy ascension skit (Sekirnaya mountain) is located 11 kilometers from the village on one of the highest points of the archipelago – mount Sekirnaya. Guests of the island will be told about the monastery and Soviet history of this monastery and an interesting legend of its creation. But there have been tragedies. During the Solovki Special Purpose camp on the Sekirnaya mountain was a punishment cell where many people died. From the observation deck overlooking the other monastery, situated in the North of the Bolshoy Solovetsky island – Savvatievo. Beautiful landscapes also will not leave you indifferent. On the way back you will make a stop in the Botanical garden, founded in the days of the monastery by one of the archimandrites. Once even grapes and watermelons were grown here. Currently, the Solovetsky Museum supports the monastery and the camp landing, and create your own. In addition to the variety of vegetation you will see the monastery buildings-Archimandrite’s Dacha, Alexander’s and Nameless chapel, as well as the oldest wooden cross on the Solovki. It is one of the northernmost Botanical gardens in Russia. Of course, an ordinary person may not be surprised by some species of plants that are found in the Central region of Russia, but a tour of the garden does not take much time, and the history of the monastery during walks in nature do not forget to tell.
16: 00-Free time. Check with your companion to find out what excursions you can visit for an additional fee or where you can go on your own.

Day 3

09: 00 – Breakfast in the village cafe. Free time. Ask your escort in advance what excursions you can visit for an additional fee or where you can go on your own. We can only advise to send a boat trip on the lake-channel system Solovki or visit the boulder dam on the island of Big Muksalma. However, there are other options. For example, send to the Islands, which are called the body Or try your luck and see whales Beluga whales on Cape Beluga.

Day 4

09: 00 – Breakfast in the village cafe. Fees, delivery of rooms and preparation for departure.
10: 00-Excursion to the Big hare island (3 hours.). On the island you will see the other side of the Solovki – pagan. It is here that the world’s largest pagan temple II-I Millennium BC, consisting of stone labyrinths and other religious and burial structures. Until now, historians argue about the true purpose of creating these structures. But the monks of the Solovetsky monastery also left their historical trace on this island. Arriving on the Islands, they did not destroy the pagan calculations, but just in case founded here St. Andrew’s skit, which is also very interesting for its history. It is here that according to legend Peter I consecrated St. Andrew’s flag. In addition, the nature of the Hare Islands is fundamentally different from the nature of other Islands of the archipelago. It’s the tundra of the island.
14: 00-visit of souvenir shops or exhibitions of the Solovetsky Museum – reserve (for an additional fee). Optional – visit a specialized store Arkhangelsk seaweed plant.
15: 00-group Gathering, transfer to Tamarin pier.
16:00 – Journey to the White sea (2 – 2.5 hours) in the port of Rabocheostrovsk.
18:30 – arrival of the vessel in Rabocheostrovsk. Transfer to the railway station in Kem. Departure of tourists by evening trains.

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