Bus tour to the Solovki Islands from Archangelsk and Severodvinsk

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Tour duration: 5 days
Price: 21 600 ₽
25.07, 15.08

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transportation service
transit route Rabocheostrovsk – Solovki – Rabocheostrovsk
all excursions and meals (3 Breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner), according to the program. All transport services and group transfers. The system BPCS


Solovetsky island. White sea. Monastery. These discreet words evoke in the soul of every person an irresistible desire to visit the northernmost monastery on the White sea and to see one of the wonders of the world in the distant Pomeranian region. From the huge boulders by the hands of monks and workers was erected Solovetsky monastery – fortress, laid a beautiful Botanical garden. A three-day tour to the Solovetsky Islands can be called the first acquaintance with the archipelago, which will allow you to enjoy both the amazing Northern nature on the sea island, and feel the power of the grandiose building – the Solovetsky Kremlin.
Travel by land on a comfortable 18-seater bus “Mercedes” with folding chairs, personal air conditioning and TV.
Proposed accession to the round inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region with the replanting on the bus in Plesetsk, konevo, Kargopol and Pudozh. Tourists from other areas of the Arkhangelsk region can join the tour in the nearest bus stops.
Attention! New offer: if you do not have a couple, and you do not want to pay extra for single accommodation – no problem! Guaranteed accommodation in a double room (the offer is valid only in this bus tour)!

Suitable for: tours to Solovki Islands from Archangelsk

Day 1

07: 00 – Boarding the bus at the railway station Severodvinsk (station square). Departure to Arkhangelsk.
08: 00 – Boarding the bus in Arkhangelsk on MRV. The administration of the question (500 km).
16:00 – Arrival at the seat. Late lunch in the city cafe.
17: 00 – walking tour of one of the oldest cities in the North of Russia. Cozy wooden houses, majestic temples, merchant mansions, modern buildings are good neighbors in this amazing ancient and young city. Tourists will get acquainted with the architectural ensembles of white stone temples of XVII – XIX centuries of Old and New bargaining, see the remains of the fortress of Valushka and walk along the embankment of the Onega river.
18: 30-Excursion to the Cathedral of Christ the Nativity (1562) in the upper (summer) temple of the Cathedral built in the time of Ivan the terrible and introduces the outstanding architectural monument of The Russian North, the history of the modern appearance of the temple, its interiors. The Cathedral has a unique carved iconostasis of the second half of the XVIII century (more than 80 icons), a fragment of medieval frescoes, an interesting bracket for a memorial in the form of a huge hand.
19: 30-Free time. For an additional fee, you can visit the first in Kargopol private house-Museum Shevelevs with a souvenir birch bark shop, eco-Park wooden sculpture “Bear land” with a mini-zoo.
21: 00-Departure to Kem (600 km). Night moving in the Republic of Karelia. We admire Karelian landscapes from the bus window.

Day 2

06: 00-Arrival to Kem. Drive to Rabocheostrovsk (15 km).
07: 00 – Breakfast in the café. Landing on the ship “Vasily Kosyakov”.
08: 00 – Crossing the White sea (2 hours) to the Solovetsky Islands. During the transition, tourists can see Beluga whales-Northern dolphins, sea hares and seals.
10: 00-Arrival to the Big Solovetsky island. Meeting the tourists at the Tamarin pier with sign”.”. Transfer to the hotel “Solo Nord” (in the center of the village, opposite the monastery). Accommodation in rooms with private facilities.
11: 00-Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky Kremlin (2.5 hours) – the tour introduces visitors to the history of the Solovetsky monastery. Tourists visit the territory of the Central complex of the monastery, operating temples, monuments included in the UNESCO world heritage list, objects of economic activity of the monastery.
16: 30-at will-independent walk on the picturesque coast of the White sea where you will see “dancing” Solovetsky birches and “labyrinths” – the reconstructed monument of culture of prehistoric civilizations.

Day 3

08: 00 – Breakfast in the cafe.
09: 00-excursions are available at an additional cost:
– Excursion “boat trip to the island of Big Muksalma” (5 hours). Boat trip along the picturesque Bay of Long Bay to the island of Big Muksalma. Visitors will see a Grand hydraulic structure-a man-made boulder dam 1.5 km long, connecting the Islands of Bolshaya Solovetsky and Bolshaya Muksalma, amazing landscapes, as well as get acquainted with the history of the Sergiev monastery of Solovetsky monastery. Note: the distance from the tour Desk to the pier in Long Bay (5 km) and back visitors walk. The journey time from the pier in Long Bay to the island of Big Muksalma is 40 minutes. The tour is conducted in the absence of a storm warning. The cost of the tour is 1 100 rubles per person.
– Sea excursion “to the strict skits of Anzer island” (12-14 hours). Anzer island – the second largest island of the Solovetsky archipelago, where in the XVII – XVIII centuries.were organized strict prayer skits – Holy Trinity and Golgotha Crucifixion. Tourists will see a variety of natural landscapes of the island, visit the existing monasteries, learn the history of the monastery, camp and modern periods of the island of Anzer. Note: sea transport is used during the tour. The distance from the tour Desk to the pier in Long Bay (5 km) and back visitors walk. Travel time from the pier in Long Bay to Anzer island – 2 -2,5 hours. The length of the walking tour on the island of Anzer is 12 km. Service points and food points on the island of Anzer are absent, all the necessary things (film, food, etc.) should be taken with you. The tour is possible in the absence of a storm warning. In the course of the tour visited the Golgotha-Raspyatsky skete with a strict Charter. Tourists are obliged to comply with the requirements of the Charter and be properly dressed. The cost of the tour is 1 600 rubles per person.
– Excursion “Sights of The big Hare island” (3 hours). Marine boat Sackage to the Big island. Tourists will visit the largest pagan sanctuary of II-I Millennium BC, see the stone labyrinths, a complex of religious and burial structures, Russia’s first stone Harbor, the monuments of St. Andrew’s skete. Note: the journey time from the Big Solovetsky island to the Big Zayatsky island by sea transport is 45 minutes. The tour is held under favorable weather conditions and in the absence of a storm warning. The cost of the tour is 850 rubles per person.

Day 4

08: 00 – Breakfast in the cafe. Check-out (Luggage storage).
09:00-Bus and walking tour ” mount Sekirnaya. Holy ascension monastery” (4 hours). Tourists will visit one of the highest points Of the big Solovetsky island – mount Sekirnaya, from the top of which offers an unforgettable view of the Northern part of The big Solovetsky island and the White sea. Get acquainted with the history and monuments of the current Holy ascension monastery, where during the Solovetsky camp was a punishment cell-a place of detention and punishment of prisoners. They will see a unique lighthouse Church. Skit acting, tourists must comply with the requirements of the Charter of the monastery and to be properly dressed. Continuation of the tour “Botanical garden – Makar’evskaya desert”. Tourists will visit one of the northernmost Botanical gardens of Russia, which is located on the territory of the former makaryevskaya desert, see the monuments, unique planting of different periods of the history of the Solovetsky Islands, enjoy the amazing view of the ensemble of the Solovetsky monastery, opening from the Alexander hill.
13: 00-Return to the village by bus. Lunch in the cafe. Free time. Visit souvenir shops or exhibitions Solovetsky Museum – reserve (for an additional fee). Optional – visit a specialized store Arkhangelsk seaweed plant.
18: 30 – gathering of tourists at the Tamarin pier. Boarding the boat.
19:00 – transit to the village of Rabocheostrovsk.
21: 00-Arrival at the port. Dinner in the cafe of the tourist complex.
22: 00-Boarding the bus, departure on the route to Kargopol, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk.

Day 5

08: 00 – arrival of the bus to Kargopol.
15: 00 – arrival of the bus to Arkhangelsk.
16: 00 – arrival of the bus to Severodvinsk.

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