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Quad Biking in Karelia

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1 day
6000 ₽
May-October (in the absence of snow)

Help me with program selection

Arrival for the ATV tour in Karelia. Briefing, selection of equipment by size. Medical examination before the trip (Attention – if you have not passed the medical examination for alcohol, the money for the tour will not be refunded). Next, a vehicle ride begins along the route you have chosen. We organize this program only individually and for ready-made groups!

IMPORTANT! Due to high demand, we are closing the application for individual travel on public holidays (June 12 and accompanying weekends, some religious holidays and festivals) and on weekends 2 weeks before the start of the proposed tour. It makes no sense to call on June 12 or in the morning on Sunday with a request to send you TODAY along the ATV route! The schedule has already been drawn up for the whole day.


5000 – 15000 rubles depending on the choice of the route

Attention! It is required to dress for the weather and not to drink alcohol on the eve of the trip. The tour operator is not responsible for the denial of service if you do not pass a medical examination for the presence of alcohol. All excursions are carried out in the daytime. The duration of the route may vary according to weather conditions.

ATV tours in Karelia

Cheers on ATVs in Karelia will suit thrill-seekers. Driving through the Karelian taiga, mud and along the shores of lakes is a fascinating way of spending time outdoors. At the moment there are several options and places for ATV tours in Karelia. Most of them take 2-6 hours, however, if you wish and a certain amount of time, you can organize a full-fledged multi-day expedition on this type of transport to the most remote parts of the republic. True, for this you need to have some training in the management of off-road motor vehicles. The ATV tour in Karelia is from May to the end of October.

The Polar Aurora travel club organizes ATV tours in Karelia in two places – in the area of ​​the city of Sortavala and near Petrozavodsk. The routes differ, but not very much – the climate and taiga look approximately the same. However, Sortavala is affected by the proximity of the Finnish border and the fact that this territory once belonged to Finland. Therefore, on these ATV tours in Karelia, there is a lot of Finnish culture.

ATV tours in Karelia in the Sortavala region

  1. Finnish village – about 1 hour – 10 kilometers – this ATV tour in Karelia passes through the Karelian taiga. The difficulty of the route is low. At the end of the trip, tourists come to the remains of a Finnish farm. Before the ATV tour in Karelia, instructions are given and the ammunition is adjusted. Ammunition is issued on the spot.
  2. To the mouth of the old volcano – 1-2 hours – 20 kilometers – this trip leads to the mouth of the old volcano, which last erupted 3-3.5 billion years ago. Of course, you will not see a volcano like the Kamchatka ones, but this is an equally interesting ATV tour in Karelia, partly related to the geology and the origin of the planet Earth.
  3. Along the Karelian military trails – 2-3 hours – 35 kilometers – this ATV tour route in Karelia uses the old military trails and passages used by the Soviet and Finnish troops during the confrontation with each other. The trip ends near the completely destroyed building of the school for the training of Finnish intelligence officers.
  4. Along the Yanisjoki River – 3-4 hours – 65 kilometers – ATV tour in Karelia runs along the river Yanisjoki. The end point is the shore of Lake Yanisjärvi. Almost along the entire route, movement passes along the water.
  5. In Ruskeala – 6 hours – 70 kilometers – this ATV tour route in Karelia ultimately leads to one of the main attractions in the area – Ruskeala marble canyon, as well as Ruskeala waterfalls.

ATV tours in Karelia near Petrozavodsk

  1. Test route – 2 hours – about 20 kilometers – This ATV tour route in Karelia is suitable for beginners who have just begun to master this type of technique. The route runs along dirt and forest roads in the depths of civilization.
  2. Route through the taiga and swamps – 4 hours – 30-40 kilometers – this ATV tour in Karelia combines all the terrain – from complete off-road and swamps to plains and beautiful fields that are not often found in the Karelian taiga. In the course of it, you can master the basic principles of managing off-road motor vehicles.

Usefull information

What to take with you:
comfortable clothes, a camera and a good mood,


While riding ATVs, the tourist must comply with:
basic provisions of safety briefing;
follow the instructions of the instructor – the leader of the group on the entire route.
The instructor has the right to remove the tourist from the route at any time in the event of a gross or repeated violation of safety rules.


(Русский) *Стоимость указана в рублях за квадроцикл

 Сортавала квадроциклы       1чел  2 чел
1. Деревня 7000 8500
2. Вулкан 10000 11000
3. Военные тропы 12500 13500
4. Янисйоки 15000 16000
5. Рускеала 16000 18000
 Петрозаводск квадроциклы 1 чел  2 чел
2 часа 7500 8500
4 часа 14000 16000

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